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All  of the bulletin boards are hand made crafts(thank you dltk) - board designs are by Ms J. Oliver

One of our Gr 7 LASS classes read the book *Underground to Canada* by Barbara Smucker
I created  a bulltin board for the room based on the theories that quilts were used  as a guideling on how to travel to Canada(Freedom)

underground to canada 2.bmpunderground to canada1.jpg

January 2011

polarbears reading 201011.jpg

January 2011 - A gr 6 LASS class did a literature circle on the theme of Safe Haven - using the following titles:
by Kathy Kacer - Hiding Edith, Underground Reporters, Secret of Gabi's Dresser & Night Spies.
by Irene N Watts - Good-bye Marianne (graphic Novel version

I asked the students *Whata safe haven means to them* and used their responses as a border  for the bulletin board.

safe haven 2011.jpg

Heritage/Science fair board - March 2011
heritageproject fair board 2011.jpg

bottom of that board is the evolution of video game consoles - Who remembers Pong?

evolution of video game consoles.jpg
April 2007-- Gotta love the bunny!

May 2007 - the cloud is kind of cute!

blast board.jpg
Sept 2007 - All BLAST  Groups represented and House colours as well!

oct 2007.jpg
October 2007  ( below is the cat in the right hand corner - attending the halloween dance)
party cat.jpg
november 2007.jpg
Remember November - The Maple leaf is made out of corrugated board.
December 2007.jpg
December 2007 - The flags represent the heritages of our staff and students.
HAPPY NEW YEAR  -     new Year celebrations from around the world (January 2008)

Feb 2008 - Chinese new year - Year of the Rat - Mrs. Severyn's bulletin board
March 2008 - Project Fair - this bulletin board represents the Heritage & Science fairs.
April 2008 - Mrs Severyn's Board - Medieval Times - Thank you Mrs. Parker for the idea.


farewell 1.jpg
Farewell to the Grade 8's - 2007-2008