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Welcome to Bruce Middle School Online!

Bruce Middle School is a Middle Years (Grades 6 -8)  school in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  View a map showing our location. Use the School Locator to find your catchment area.

Mission Statement

To provide a positive and safe learning environment that encourages continuous growth.

Tradition of Excellence

Bruce students have helped maintain the "Tradition of Excellence" whether it be in academics, athletics, special achievements, citizenship or one of the many co-curricular and enrichment activities.  The success we celebrate is the result of the teamwork and support of the staff, parents and community, and for this we thank you all!
New St. James-Assiniboia websites are coming soon!

Visit our School Blog

In an effort to improve communication between the school and home we have adopted two new tools.  Instead of sending home a monthly newsletter, we will be posting all news items to a newsblog.  Please click here  to see what has been going on at Bruce! Also, students and staff at Bruce are using Edmodo to keep track of their assignments, communicate with teachers and hand-in assignments.  Each student account also comes with an attached parent account.  To access the parent account, ask your son or daughter to login to Edmodo and you will see your parent code located in the sidebar.

School Vandalism

School Vandalism often involves graffiti, broken windows, damage to roofs and playground equipment.
To report suspicious activity on school grounds between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.
or to report an act of school vandalism in Winnipeg call:  (204) 231-4556
Our security firm will attend after receipt of your call.


Pizza will be on sale every Friday for $2.00 a slice and $1.00 a drink.

Change in School Bus Cancellation Policy

Metro Winnipeg School Superintendents have made a change in the policy for cancellation of school bus service due to cold weather.  The new policy will use the temperature reading at The Forks instead of the Airport.  School bussing will be cancelled if the wind-chill reading is -45 or colder at 6:00 a.m. at The Forks according to Environment Canada. Notice of school bus cancellations will be provided to media outlets and posted on school division websites as soon as the 6:00 a.m. reading is posted by Environment Canada.

School Hours
Office Hours:
8:00am - 4:00pm

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Parent Handbook
Parent Handbook
Guidance Information
Those wishing more information about our Guidance Department or those with Guidance concerns, please click here for information and/or to contact our Guidance Counsellor.
Guidance Information
Supply List
Click here for the 2016-2017 Supply List.
Supply List
Our canteen is full of healthy snacks and lunch products. Please click for selections and prices.
Bus Cancellations
Is my school bus cancelled? Policy states that "Extremely Cold Weather - A wind chill of -45 or greater will dictate cancellation of school buses within the division." For information on bus cancellations, visit our division website or listen to CJOB.
Parent Portal Tour
The PowerSchool Portal provides parents access to school announcements, real-time attendance information and, most importantly, student grades.
Click the Parent Portal link on the left side of the screen under School Information to login to the Power School Parent Portal.
Parent Portal Tour
Parent Portal Tour
School Day Calendar
School Day Calendar

 Last Modified: 28 April,2017